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Bladder Care Planning

This involves researching your travel destination, ensuring availability of restrooms, and arranging your itinerary accordingly to manage bladder weakness and urgency effectively.

Hydration Balance

Maintaining a proper intake of water can reduce bladder irritation while avoiding bladder irritating drinks like coffee, alcohol, and fizzy drinks, especially before long journeys.

Pelvic Exercises

Regularly practicing pelvic floor exercises, or Kegels, can strengthen the muscles controlling urination, helping to manage bladder weakness while travelling.

10 Easy Ways to Have a Pee-ceful Holiday!

Worried about booking a holiday because of bladder leaks? You aren't alone. Bladder weakness and urgency can be a real pain when you are away from home, but with a bit of planning and our top tips you can enjoy your holidays again!

When you are constantly worrying about where the nearest loo is, the thought of a holiday can be pretty daunting. What if you get caught short and leak? Where are the nearest loos? What if you don't have everything with you that you normally have at home? We've put together these helpful tips because, as we know, with a bit of planning in advance bladder leaks don't need to hold back your good times.

Get Ready, Get Set - Plan!

The first step to managing bladder weakness while travelling is to plan, plan and plan! Research your destination thoroughly. Are there plentiful public toilets in places you want to visit and importantly, what is the condition of them? Use apps like Flush or Toilet Finder, which can provide locations and even ratings for loos around the world. Also, it's also a good idea to arrange your day to day plans so you’re near to a toilet as much as possible during activities or excursions.

Friendly Flying

Long haul flights can be intimidating for those of us managing bladder care. When booking your flights, request an aisle seat so that you don't feel pressured to not disturb others. If you don't experience nocturia, consider a night flight when your bladder may naturally be less active. If you’re comfortable doing so, let the airline staff know about your concerns - they are there to help and can make your journey more comfortable.


It might sound tempting to cut down on fluids to reduce the number of bathroom visits, but this approach may lead to dehydration, especially in warmer climates. Staying properly hydrated can actually reduce bladder irritation, so drink water steadily throughout the day. Avoid drinks that irritate the bladder, like coffee, alcohol, and fizzy drinks, particularly before long journeys as these can irritate the bladder and make us dash for the loo more often.

Perfect Packing

Packing can be stressful, but don’t fret. Carry plenty of absorbent pads or underwear. Remember to pack a 'just in case' kit that includes wet wipes, antibacterial gel, a spare pair of leak-proof underwear, and a sealable waterproof bag for any wet pants or used pads that you need to dispose of elsewhere. Discreet travel-sized products are ideal. Having your essentials at hand can bring peace of mind and let you focus on enjoying your holiday.

Dress For the Occasion

When it comes to travel clothing, choose outfits that are easy to remove and replace. Comfortable clothing with elastic waistbands can be a lifesaver during those urgent moments, and wearing leak-proof underwear, like Jude's pants can be a lifesaver for pesky leaks. Dark-coloured clothes can be helpful if leaks happen - and a top tip from the Jude and Friends community: carry an extra layer, like a jacket or scarf, which can be tied around your waist if necessary!

Practicing Pelvic Exercises

Start practicing pelvic floor exercises now if you haven't already. Regular pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegels, can help control bladder weakness by strengthening the muscles that control urination. Being away form home means that sometimes our daily habits that remind us to do our exercises are out of sync so try to find new 'trigger points' that will remind you - brushing your teeth, or maybe after applying your sunscreen by the pool, or even when you are taking a dip!

Timing is Everything

Scheduling loo breaks into your day helps to manage leaks too. Instead of waiting for the urge, use the restroom every 2-3 hours and this is especially important to hydrate your body too. . If you're sightseeing or at a restaurant, try using the facilities before leaving to go back to the hotel or villa.

Ensure that you fully empty your bladder when you do go to the toilet by placing your elbows on your knees - and try double voiding too. Also, try to empty your bladder completely each time you go. This can reduce leaks and give you more confidence.

Eating Smart

When you're exploring new places, trying local cuisines is part of the fun. However, bear in mind that some foods can irritate the bladder. Spicy foods, citrus fruits, and chocolate are common culprits. Keep a food diary on your phone or in your handbag to identify any food items that seem to worsen your symptoms. But don't be too strict with yourself - you're on holiday after all!

The Right Medication

If you're already taking medication or your Jude Bladder Strength Supplements for OAB or bladder weakness, remember to pack enough to cover your trip... and then some. If you're travelling across different time zones, discuss with your doctor how to adjust your medication schedule accordingly or give us a call on Jude's National Hotline for advice from our Bladder Care Specialists.

And Finally... Relax and Enjoy!

The most important thing is to not let the fear of bladder weakness ruin your holiday spirit. It might seem daunting, but with careful planning and a few adjustments, your bladder shouldn't stop you from making wonderful memories. And importantly, remember that even if leaks happen, they are part of your journey, not the end of it.